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Jun 13, 2014
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Benchmarx - Remodel


Benchmarx - Remodel Description

Finally, an ‘on the spot’ and ‘on the go’ construction cost estimating budget calculator App designed to provide consistent numbers, within a range, for remodeling buildings nationally. Three levels of building remodel cost are provided for the user, they being light remodel, medium remodel, and heavy remodel classifications.

We believe this is the first nationally automated conceptual budget App program providing data on over fifty different types of commercial buildings for 125 cities across the United States of America.

This program will provide real numbers immediately at an economic price to project stakeholders including planners, architects, developers, owners, general contractors, and government entities.

The tool will give you as a sample the remodel cost for the following: Cost of office buildings, cost of schools, cost of apartments/condos, cost of police stations, cost of fire stations, cost of community centers, cost of courts, cost of city halls, cost of retail/department stores, cost of laboratories, cost of hospitals, cost of showrooms, cost of hotels, cost of warehouses, cost of gyms/recreational.

No more ‘back of the napkin’ inconsistent numbers, this program will make you the user the ‘expert’, empowering you to set your project on the ‘right path’ from the earliest stage.

It will not only calculate the cost of building, it will augment feasibility studies, assist in the setting of architectural design fees, and assist in calculation of ‘soft’ costs, which are based upon the building cost to arrive at the total project cost.

If you want to empower yourself, your staff, management and employees to be able to respond ‘immediately’ to construction budget inquiries (saving time and money) for the opportunity of acquiring more work, and to present a consistent professional image, the “National Building Benchmarx line of products” is a must.

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