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Jun 08, 2014
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
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Beat Panic


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Beat Panic gets 5* reviews:

'Thank you - I've just gone from heart pounding and hyperventilating to normal in one play of the app. It's very helpful having all the things you should be thinking to calm down in front of you as you can't think straight when you realise the panic is gaining momentum... This app rocks - Kazfhydv 23 October 2011

Great value
Adds value to those that need help in a difficult situation, great work. SL 1981 7 Aug 2011

I really like this app as it helps you all the way through and the end results are very effective and leave you feeling calm and relaxed. :) Charlotte 92156 4 Aug 2011

As featured in You magazine. The Sunday Mail's top selling supplement.

Featured on '', one of the largest self help websites; used extensively by CBT professionals and psychotherapists for resources to use in their treatment regimes.

Also find us on Beacon (Australia) Online help for mental health:

Use your phone to gain control.
Beat Panic is designed to guide you through a panic attack or raised anxiety.

The Beat Panic app takes you through a series of flash cards designed in soothing colours and the text assists you in overcoming the panic attack in a gentle calm manner.

It has been designed by someone who has lived with panic for many years and understands how frightening these attacks are.
Panic attacks can restrict your quality of life. You can lose your confidence and become very self conscious. It can prevent you from going out and socialising, for fear of having another panic attack. This can be extremely disabling and people around you may not understand. However, panic is very treatable and you can learn to control the symptoms.

This application has been designed to help you cope with a panic attack whilst you are out and about. It can also be used to help in your own home, or wherever you happen to be.

No one thinks there is anything unusual about people using their phone in many different situations so you don't need to feel self conscious.

Use your phone to help you cope with panic where and whenever it occurs.

You can beat panic in a variety of ways. Seeing your doctor or other health professionals; and using self help materials provided by them.
This application is one way of helping you in addition to these resources.

Beat Panic app
1) Will give you something to focus on instead of thinking about the changes in your body.
2) Will help you to slow your breathing, reduce your heart rate and release the tension.
3) Will help you to keep those worrying thoughts in perspective and remind you what is really happening.
4) Will help you to overcome the urge to flee.

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