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Mar 16, 2014
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Battery Power+


Battery Power+ Description

Battery Power+ application will help you to maximize your battery life, control battery charge status, and use you iPhone, iPod, and iPad longer.

1. Charge status:
• Fast charge
• Full charge
• Trickle charge
• Successfull charge

2. Charging calendar:
•Tracking device's charging time
• Full cycle
• Partial cycle
• Battery overload
3.Time Left details for:
• 3G Talk Time
• Stand-by mode
• Internet
• 3G/LTE
• Wi-Fi
• Video playback
• Audio playback
• 2D Games
• 3D Games
• Taking video
• Taking pictures
• Reading books
• Bluetooth
• Watching videos online
• Voice Recorder
• Siri
• Flashlight
• FaceTime
• Wi-Fi (HotSpot)
4. Digital clock:
• Full battery alert
• Critical battery alert
• Time remaining till fully charged
• Weather data
• Adjustable display brightness

5. Battery Tips:
• Device's screen
• Bluetooth and network usage tips
• GPS usage
• Email and automatic systems
• Time zones updates
• System diagnostics
• Auto-Lock function
• Equalizer and music playback

6. Settings
• Battery charge status
• Themes- ability to choose from an extensive color palette, customized personal settings
• 5 battery types:
-Classic battery
-Nuclear station
-Hydraulic power
-Battery laboratory
-Nuclear battery

•Alert settings:
-Vibration on/off
-Alert signal (choose a song)
-Time the signal to be turned off at a certain time period

7. Activity Monitor
Battery Power+ app provides detailed monitoring of the usage of system resources.
•CPU usage chart
-network adapter
• Operative memory chart, active, inactive, free, total, memory recovery (acceleration)
• HDD. Physical memory usage chart: free usage
• Network traffic chart. Mac address, your IP, downloads, uploads

The app has a detailed list of recommendations for a more efficient and better quality use of your device's battery. Battery Power+ app has all the useful information on battery life and all most important device's processes that you need to know.

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