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Feb 18, 2010
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.1 or later
Avg. score: 4
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Baby & Child Poses - Photography Posing Guide


Baby & Child Poses - Photograp Description

IMPORTANT PLEASE READ: If you have already purchased the app called "iPose U - Photo Posing Guide" DO NOT buy this app. This is the baby, child & sibling sections of that app. Read further:

Apple featured our iPose U app in the New & Noteworthy section in November and we got great feedback, and it was a top selling photography app.

YOU MAY WISH TO PURCHASE THE "iPose U - Photo Posing Guide" app instead of this app, so we recommend that you check out that app before buying this one.

A few have told us that you would just like to expand certain parts of your portfolio and would love additional options of various breakdowns of the iPose U app, so that's what we're doing. "Maternity Photography" app was the first of that series, then the "Family Photography" one, and now this one.

If you are a new or intermediate photographer looking to expand your family photography gallery then we highly recommend to spend the couple dollars more and purchase the iPose U app, which contains about 1200 images, including families, babies, children, maternity, siblings, relationships, couples and adults.

If you are ONLY looking to get some posing ideas for babies and children, then this app is available.

This app is a MOBILE POSING REFERENCE GUIDE - to help you before and at your shoot. New photographers get nervous and forgot shots they wish they had gotten. This app helps you to SAVE the images you'd like to capture at your next shoot.


*** SAVE feature to save your favorites and edit as needed.


*** All future updates are free.

*** Very user friendly, easy to use app.

*** All images in the app were taken ON LOCATION or in the families home.

*** All images were taken using natural light only.

Please take a moment to check out all the apps from "Coconut Island Apps"

We listen to our users, and care what you think. We are currently working on a great, much needed app that you have all asked us for, which should be here in about a month, so for you new family photographers, please keep checking our apps. Thanks for your support.

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