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Oct 13, 2009
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later
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B.O.B. Lite - The Parental Control Web Browser


B.O.B. Lite - The Parental Con Description

*** NO ANNUAL FEE for full parental control ***

Not sure if you want to commit to B.O.B. for safe browsing?

Then test the app out with this lite version of B.O.B. and see just how easy B.O.B. is to use and how reliably B.O.B. works!


By purchasing the full version of B.O.B. you will have the following benefits over "B.O.B. Lite":

1. Unlimited Bookmarks (this lite version has a 5 bookmark limit)
2. The appreciation of the B.O.B. Development Team!

Other than these 2 differences, B.O.B. Lite works just like the full version of B.O.B.!

NEW: If you need more than 5 bookmarks but do not care about multiple open windows/tabs, then consider B.O.B. Junior (20 bookmark limit and one open window/tab at a time) for a greatly reduced price compared to the full version of B.O.B.

And remember, B.O.B. requires no annual fee like some parental control browsers out there!

*** B.O.B. is iPhone OS 3.0 compatible, so no worries on upgrading to the new iPhone OS.

B.O.B. is THE Parental Control Web Browser for Apple's iPhone and iPod Touch platforms.

B.O.B. has been designed to provide effective, simple, and secure web browsing for families who take internet content concerns seriously. Don't let OTHER people decide which websites are appropriate for your children to view. B.O.B. puts YOU in complete control over exactly which websites your children can visit.

EFFECTIVE: B.O.B. allows your children to freely visit any website that you have specifically approved for their viewing. No other sites will display, period.

SIMPLE: The approved sites are simply B.O.B.'s bookmarks. B.O.B. is a Bookmarks-Only Browser, get it?

SECURE: Bookmarks can only be added, deleted, or changed with your 4-digit password. You choose your password when you first launch B.O.B.

In addition to these features, B.O.B. works over Edge, 3G, and WIFI, and B.O.B. is built on the same engine as Safari for a reliable browsing experience. Note: Some features of Safari have been removed to simplify the user-experience (with younger children in mind). Please email B.O.B. support with requests for new features to be added to B.O.B.! B.O.B. will evolve according to customer requests. Thanks!

Finally, B.O.B.'s controls cannot be circumvented without knowledge of the 4-digit password. Simply turn Safari OFF in your device's preferences and use B.O.B. for safe browsing.

You do not need to create accounts with 3rd parties to use B.O.B., and page loading is speedy since your browsing does not go through or in any way depend on 3rd party proxy servers.

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