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Jun 13, 2014
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Aviation W&B Calculator


Aviation W&B Calculator Description

Was chosen by Sporty's and AOPA to be one of the TOP 10 aviation apps for 2012.

As of January 1st 2014, more than 23,000 active pilots are not wrong, weight and balance calculations made easy! Designed by pilots for pilots. Our main goal is to provide you with a quick and professional way to calculate your airplane weight and balance with a fully customized and user friendly interface. Aviation W&B Calculator gives you the option to build your airplanes templates or to enjoy our growing library with more than 240 predefined templates.

App Features:
- Build your own airplanes templates easily
- More than 240 predefined airplane templates
- Enjoy a professional load sheet summary
- Save/Email PDF/Print load sheet summary
- Normal, Utility and Aerobatic categories
- Share your templates with friends
- Variable fuel arm support
- Top quality cg limits envelope graphs
- Manage your tail numbers easily
- Export/duplicate/backup your templates
- Metric and U.S. units are supported
- Get alerts when exceeding max weights
- Regular and Moment envelopes
- Know your maneuvering speed in regard to TOW
- Top quality customer service tickets system

Used Units:
U.S. Units: Pounds, Gallons, Inches, Inches (Moment/1000)
Metric Units: Kg, liter, Millimeter, Millimeter (Moment/1000)

Variable Fuel Arm units:
Inches (or) Millimeters, Moment/100, Moment/1000

App Limitations:
- %MAC is not supported at this moment
- Up to 15 individual seat/custom stations
- Up to 6 baggage/cargo stations
- Up to 4 fuel stations
- Helicopters lateral calculations are not supported at this point
- No varies max zero fuel weight
- No varies max landing weight
- No negative values in envelope
- Up to 1 variable fuel array table

We do our best to improve the app from update to update, if you have any suggestions please let us know and we will consider adding them in future updates.

We believe in a quick and professional customer service, contact us at: and we will reply within the same day.

Visit our website:
Visit our Facebook:

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