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May 02, 2011
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 5.0 or later. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.
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AB Repeater - Learn 2nd Language by Movies


AB Repeater - Learn 2nd Langua Description

***AV Repeater is renamed to AB Repeater***

Wanna learn second language, but feel tedious and boring? You need an easier way - learn it with movie or mp3! AV Repeater is born to help you on this. With AV Repeater, you can:
✔ play any movie/mp3 supported by your device, display subtitle from subtitle file (.srt) or lyric file (.lrc), navigate based on subtitle, and disable subtitle anytime anywhere
✔ view subtitles of 2 different languages with dual subtitles support, and hide any of them any time by double-tapping on them.
✔ create repeating block for interesting part or hard part, so you can understand it by unlimitedly repeating. The usage and management of repeating blocks are quite easy and intuitive.
✔ bookmark your favorite part, and add comments for interesting movie/mp3
✔ change playing rate if you can't catch up with some conversations
✔ have flexible control on AV Repeater: skip non-subtitle segments, set repeating interval, etc.
✔ use finger gesture to control it - try to slip your finger on playing screen.
✔ learn how to use AV Repeater. AV Repeater itself is very intuitive, but it provides embedded help in case you need.

Since first release, AV Repeater have received tons of comments and feedbacks:
"Works Awesome!! Get this app if your learning a 2nd language by watching movies."
"this app iss a good idea to learn english..."
"I love it, it does save my effort"
Some users sent us a lot of suggestions and we implemented them in several recently released versions, THANK YOU ALL FOR THESE GREAT POINTS!
You are absolutely appreciated for any idea/suggestion/bug-reporting, please contact me:

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