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Feb 05, 2014
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AutoSale: Craigslist


AutoSale: Craigslist Description

✫✫✫✫✫ AutoSale

Dear friends:

Do you have a used car to sell? Do you feel frustrated by the existing services and daunted by tons of grunt works required, even for the simple listing?

AutoSale makes it easy to post your cars to local classified site. You don't need to manully pick area/subarea/neighborhood, category or subcategory, simply snap couple photos, fill out basic detail, you will be selling your car in less than 1 minute.

In addition, you can easily manage your listings inside AutoSale. You can review your listing history, manipulate them and update from anywhere anytime.

Listing is just the first step to sell your car, AutoSale is here to help you to market your car as well. AutoSale will bring your tons of traffics on your mobile device as well. With photo centric listing, location-based search, your cars will have even more chances to be discovered by potential buyers.

AutoSale also introduces "On Sale Beacon" feature which functions like a virtual "on sale" banner. It will update your cars' location when you driving around to make it even more discoverable.

You will also enjoy the social media integration in AutoSale which allows you to share your listing to your Facebook Friends and Twitter. AutoSale also provides public commenting and private chatting service to empower you to quickly engage with potential buyers. You don't need to disclose your private phone number without suffering reachability now.

In short, AutoSale is a cool application to help you list your cars, manage them and marketing them at your finger tips anywhere anytime!

It features:

✔ One click Posting to Local Classified Site ❤❤❤❤❤
✔ Single listing, multiple re-posting
✔ Centralized Listing Management
✔ Built-in marketing to Facebook, Twitter
✔ Photo-centric listing
✔ Location-based searchability
✔ Real time engagement with buyers using chat, forum
✔ In App forum and feedbacks

Checkout this cool(but old) tutorial video my friend made and see how AutoSale works:

I created this app for myself, also for you, fellow private sellers. Hope you like it and help me to spread the word.

‼ More listing, more buyers, fast transaction and better community. ‼

If you have any feature requests, please send to me:


jianming @ InTenFeet Inc.

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