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Jun 27, 2011
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
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AURORA〜Dancing in the sky〜


AURORA〜Dancing in the sky〜 Description

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Aurora, dancing ray, appears in the sky. Feel its mysterious beauty and power.

Beautiful photos by Tatsuya Tanaka, the leading photographer of aurora, and background music by Steve Raiman’s piano, will hold you quietly.

Aurora starts dancing giving power to you. Pink aurora gives the power to your love, red to work and green to health. This program shows photos of aurora colorfully dancing, separately in vertical long or horizontal long full screens.

Before starting the slide show, set the screen direction, vertical or horizontal. You can adjust the intervals of slide show, and can choose the background music from 5 selections to meet your feeling. You can cut off the music also.

All photos can be shown as wallpaper for your iPhone or iPad. Customize your devises with beautiful and powerful aurora.

-You can choose the direction of the photos, vertical or horizontal, with full screen display. Each photos, for vertical and horizontal, are different scenes.
-You can choose “automatic slide show” or “manual slide show”. You can also search favorite picture from thumbnail.
-You can adjust the interval of the slide show.
-You can switch on/off the background music.
-You can select the music from five.
-You can choose your favorite aurora photo as wallpaper. You can use it in both home and lock screen.

Photographed by Tatsuya Tanaka
He was born in Aichi-Prefecture in 1956. Photograph of aurora is his life work. He saw aurora first time in 1998 in Alaska, he was shocked and fascinated with its beauty. Since then, he has been traveling taking photos of aurora in the North America, having the base in Yellowknife, Canada, from 2003. There are more than 200,000 aurora photos in his work.
He is a member of Japan Professional Photographers Society and Society of Scientific Photography.

Piano by Steve Raiman
Produced by Toshikazu Hibino
Designed by Yukio Okazaki
Directed by slowtime design Inc., a company providing “Mattari” or slow life to the world

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