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May 15, 2009
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later
Avg. score: 2.5
Rating: 2063

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AudioMicro Lite - 50+ Professional Sound Effects w/Sneak Attack

AudioMicro Lite - 50+ Professi Description

AudioMicro Lite - more than just a sound effect app for your iPhone

Imagine having over 50 professional quality sound effects directly at your fingertips – a full range of sound effects that directly fit into your lifestyle. Welcome to AudioMicro. The first sound effect iPhone application championed by a professional stock audio company.

Effects included in this app were contributed by members of, a worldwide professional stock audio community. Visit to join the community and start licensing stock music and sound effects for use in creative projects.

AudioMicro Lite contains a comprehensive package of over 50 professional sound effects, available in an easy to use, customizable app. At fewer than 10MB, our app is downloadable over the air using Edge or 3G.

This app is bursting with anything you can possibly fantasize. For practical jokes we have included the “Sneak Attack” function.

Step 1: Press “Sneak Attack” button

Step 2: Place phone down within 5 seconds of pressing button.

Step 3: Watch someone pick up the phone.

Step 4: See reaction on their face when greeted by something like a burp, fart, siren, chant, explosion, or any other alarming sound.

Step 5: Laugh loudly or discreetly.

You can even loop your sounds or even set a time delay if you like.

You can customize the app to your liking with our “Suppress All” function, located in the “Edit” menu. Here’s how it works: This function allows you to set all of the sound effects to “off” and easily pick the ones that you want to show up in the app. It’s that simple. With sounds that range from loud beeps and sound grenades to annoy your co-workers, to realistic gun shot effects – even Sci-Fi sabers, you can create a mix unique to you.

An assortment of professional voiceovers is available within AudioMicro Lite. There are sounds of crowds chanting, police and emergency phrases, and even a collection of screwy sayings that can be used for joking around the office.

For just 99 cents, you can upgrade to the full version of AudioMicro, with over 500 professional sound effects included. To upgrade from AudioMicro Lite and receive over 450 additional effects, simply re-load the app and click the “Buy ($0.99)” button that appears once the app has loaded.

Additional: For best results while performing a sneak attack, we recommend turning off the “auto-lock” feature located in the iPhone “General Settings” menu. In addition, we recommend briefly rebooting your iPhone upon initial install of the app.

Sounds include: farts, burps, voice overs, sci-fi, animals, cartoon effects and music, crowd chants, emergency sounds, horror and Halloween effects, musical, space saber, sports, tech, transportation, warfare, guns, plus many more.

Keywords: sounds, sound effects, sound fx, soundboard, ringtones, sound grenade, ifart, soundbox, sound box, annoy, noises, pranks, audio, music, 100, 100 sounds, 200, 300, 400, 500, 600, 700, 800, 900, 100sounds, 100sound, human sounds, pocket, audio, sfx, free sound effects, Halloween, horror, guns, animals, music, audiomicro, audio micro, stock music, sound, audiomicro lite, audio micro lite

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