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Jan 04, 2010
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later
Avg. score: 3
Rating: 67

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(Audio i-Book) الإسلام، هذا الدين الغريب

(Audio i-Book) الإسلام، هذا ال Description

The author's name is Adnan Limam. He practiced for nearly twenty years as an academic teacher in public law and international relations. He is a specialist in islamic studies.

This application consists in audio i-book which means audio interactive book.
This is a new concept aiming "to give it life" by the incorporation a button "Ask Author". The reader may use this button to ask the questions that he wants, directly to the author, on all aspects approached in the book or on related aspects.
This audio i-book demonstrates the distortion of the main features of Islam which had continued for centuries; each generation contributed to such acts so that the original Islam, the one revealed to Muhammad (Mahomet), has become strange and unknown and all that has been retained is its name.
The treated topics are designed to make a clear distinction between what is historical or political or what is purely secular thought and what is true Islam.

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