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Oct 23, 2013
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Audio from Video Extractor


Audio from Video Extractor Description

We are happy to present an "Audio from Video Extractor" app for iPhone, iPod, iPad that will allow you to extract audio from video in any of the most popular formats, such as MP3, AIFF, WAV, MP4A, AAC and others. And that is not all! The app allows you to choose the fragment of the downloaded video file for further conversion to audio format. In addition, the app has an in-built browser that you can use to easily download videos from Internet and convert them to audio formats right on your device!

***Audio from Video Extractor- an excellent converter for the finest user experience!***

= - - =FEATURES= - - =

**Video and Audio**

⇒ Fast conversion.
⇒ Supports most common formats, such as MP4, MOV, M4V, AVI, MKV and others.
⇒ Ability to convert only the required fragment instead of the whole video- use the two sliders to specify the beginning and the end of the needed fragment.
⇒Preview with a built-in player.
⇒ Download video files from device's gallery.
⇒ Record a video right from the app.
⇒ Store downloaded video clips in the list of video files.
⇒Store converted audio tracks in audio files list.
⇒Graphic equalizer.

⇒Fast and quality browser.
⇒Ability to download videos from internet.
⇒ Built-in search capability that makes finding the needed file on internet much easier.
⇒The ability to enable the function of detecting links with video clips.


⇒Transfer videos to device via Wi-Fi.
⇒ Intuitive and user-friendly interface.
⇒ Adjust device's volume right from the app.
⇒ Supports iOS 6.
⇒Supports Retina.

We have developed this app for you because you deserve it!

⇒ It is now possible to open video or audio files in other apps installed in the device that support "Open With", "Send to Dropbox" or "Send to Email Address" options.
⇒ Help section, supporting 12 languages has been added to make app easier to work with.
⇒ New Edit button for intuitive deletion and sorting of video and audio files.
⇒ Audio rewinding bug has been fixed.
⇒ App can now play music and video files even with the sound turned off.

***Audio from Video Extractor- mini studio in your pocket!***

Purchase "Audio from Video Extractor" right now and you will immediately see the result!

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