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Jan 06, 2010
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later
Avg. score: 4
Rating: 28

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Audio Alarm Detection with Audio Spy Recorder


Audio Alarm Detection with Aud Description

Alarm with audio detection
Super loud audio - Stealth mode - Programmable phone call function
New option: audio recorder function turns on automatically when the alarm goes off!

The audio recorder function detects sound and only records when there is noise or sound near your phone. The recorder starts and stops automatically to record everything happening near your phone.

When there is no noise (i.e. silence) near the phone, the auto recorder function will not record the surrounding sounds. That way you are sure to not waste the battery nor take up too much memory on the disk.

Ideal if you want to hear what happened when you were not with your iPhone!

This alarm is activated after you start it.
When somebody makes noise the alarm sounds and displays some lights

To use this app with iPod Touch devices you must use a headset that contains an external microphone

Adjust the sensitivity level of the motion detection

Black screen to save battery and use your iPhone in stealth mode

Set the audio sensor alarm to use your iPhone as a audio detector. When the alarm is set a black stealth mode screen means no one can tell the alarm is on. If your phone detects noise the alarm will sound until the alarm is stopped manually.

In some instances you may not want the audio detection sensor alarm to sound but still want to know that your iPhone has detected noise. If this is the case use the programmable phone call function so your iPhone, still in stealth mode, will call a number you have programmed. When you receive the phone call you will know the call was made as a result of the audio detector sensing noise. You will hear what is happening near your iPhone.

The audio sensor alarm can be used any time you need an audio detection system. At home, in the office, on vacation. Place your iPhone with the audio sensor alarm activated in a room either in plain sight or hidden. If there is noise in the room the alarm will sound.

The audio sensor alarm can also be used for fun and games. You can use it to surprise a friend or colleague who will not expect an alarm to sound. If someone nearby has their iPhone handy they can take pictures or even a video of your joke. You can also use the audio sensor alarm to play hide and seek with your children. Hide your iPhone and send them to find it. If you hide your iPhone too well, don't worry. You can always call your iPhone and listen for the ring to find it.

Disable sleep mode to use the alarm

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