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May 01, 2012
Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 4.2 or later.
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AstroSwami PRO for iPad 1.2


AstroSwami PRO for iPad 1.2 Description

GET PERSONAL! IT'S THE ONLY APP ABOUT YOU! "ASTROSWAMI PRO" from makers of "ASTROSWAMI MAX" are the pioneers in bringing on your iPhone the MOST PERSONALIZED horoscope PREDICTIONS along with REMEDIES based on your BIRTH DETAILS using the VEDIC ASTROLOGY and Western Astrology.

AstroSwami strongly believes in using Astrology ( JYOTISH ) as the Science to guide your path in life by VEDIC predictions & remedies at most personalized level about YOU!

Below are highlights of the ASTROSWAMI PRO iPhone App’s PERSONALIZED Predictions & Remedies based on your birth date:
• Yearly Prediction
• Number Analysis, Predictions & Favorable Years
• Saturn Transit Predictions & Remedies
• Lucky Gem Stones Analysis & Remedies
• Red Book (Lal Kitab) yearly Predictions & Remedies
• Zodiac Sign based Daily, Weekly and Monthly Prediction
• Love Zodiac Sign based Monthly Prediction

Below are the complete details of the AstroSwami’s iPhone App features:

* Personalized Predictions – This is the most unique service provided by AstroSwami as it is all about you! Based on your birth details, AstroSwami provides you with the most personalized predictions in the following area:

a. Yearly Prediction (including vedic astrology). Provides you with CURRENT year’s prediction from YOUR BIRTH DATE and changes every year. To get future year’s predictions today itself and not want to wait till the next year and also get to know your period by period detailed analysis, you can always go to and become a registered member.

b. Number Analysis – Detailed anaylsis and prediction based on numerology. Providing you with your Lucky numbers, Favourable days, years and your radical number. Also touching on the health and career aspects in terms of predictions. Last but not the least predictions on your faults!

c. Lal Kitab Predictions & Remedies – One of the most upcoming popular “Lal Kitab” (The RED BOOK) personalized predictions and remedies helps you take actions based on the guidelines of remedies to overcome the astrological impacts on you. We have year by year remedies and prediction analysis on for registered members and on iPhone we only show you the current year’s predictions & remedies based on Lal Kitab.

* Daily Zodiac Prediction

• Zodiac Sign Finder - It is much more than helping you find your or your known person's Zodiac Sign. It goes beyond that and gives you one of the most sophisticated analysis about each Zodiac Sign in the following areas:
* Possible Likes
* Possible Dislikes
* Health Analysis
* Interesting Facts
* Characteristics
* Star Color, Stone
* Ruling Planet & it's Information

• Name Harmonizer

• Love Quotes

• Ability to Email & Share Content

• Feedback, Idea & Bug Submission

• Our Recommended Apps

• Contact Experts & Help Terms, condition & feedback on

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