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Jan 25, 2014
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Any Event


Any Event Description

Any Event is a comprehensive location-based search application for iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. This app can find local events, restaurants, bars, concerts, cafes, ATM, gas station, apartment, school, and much more with a key word, to help you discover more about what's around you now, or somewhere you plan to visit.

In addition to a wide range of pre-configured categories, Locality offers customizable tools to give you greater flexibility and control over your searches, such as the power to create key words to reflect your personal taste and lifestyle.

This app identifies your current location and delivers accurate results for nearby businesses, services, events, and even photos. Pre-configured Categories help where make a trip go more smoothly, even in an emergency. Categories include: restaurants, cafés, banks, gas stations, parking lots, taxis, hospitals, pharmacies and more.

Once a desired listing is found, users can see reviews, peruse the searched location’s website, view a map, get directions, call the destination (iPhone only), add the information to a contact list or forward it to a friend, all without ever leaving Locality.

Features and Benefits of Locality:
• Search for local businesses, services, events by search or predefined keywords
• Add custom searches
• One-click email a result to a friend or dining companion
• Bookmark a favorite or add contact info to you Contacts by open it in safari
• Get Maps and Directions to any search result using Yelp

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