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Mar 19, 2013
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
Avg. score: 2.5
Rating: 458

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AntiStress - Shake your stress away


AntiStress - Shake your stress Description

Shake your stress away with AntiStress, the app that turns your iPhone into a stress killer.

The act of shaking the iPhone is exactly what you need to fight the stress (much more effective than clasp a soft object for a while). AntiStress is the ideal solution to do it in a professional way.

With AntiStress you can also:
- Calm yourself before you have a bad reaction
- Calm yourself for a panic attack
- Calm anxieties and worries
- Refresh yourself when you feel exhausted
- Calm down your phobia

Advanced Features:
In order to release the stress, a confident and nonstop shaking action is needed. AntiStress continually controls your sessions. If you stop shaking the iPhone for a while, your session will be automatically interrupted and a vocal alert will warn you're running out of time. During this session you'll be allowed to take a little break to catch your breath. With AntiStress you'll be able to set the break time duration (from 1 to 5 sec).

The most important feature of AntiStress is the sensitivity of the accelerometer. Thanks to this setting you'll be able to adapt AntiStress to your shaking style. The main rule is simple: the hardest you shake the iPhone, the less sensitivity it has to be. The softer you shake the iPhone, the more sensitive it has to be.

Remembr that the shaking style highly depends on your mood and, for this reason, the sensitivity of the accelerometer doesn't have to be fixed, but will have to be set once in a while in order to provide you an accurate result.

AntiStress has a built-in vocal alert system that encourages you to help reaching the target and gratify you when the session is completed. You can choose the to enable/disable either the male or the female vocal alert.

- Counter
- Average of released stress counter
- Visual messages
- Adjustable accelerometer setting
- Break time duration settings (in order to catch your breath)
- You can disable the "break time"
- Vocal alerts
- Choose between male and female vocal alerts
- Motivational vocal alerts
- Adjustable volume
- Last 100 sessions memory
- Fully animated user interface
- Built-in instructions for use

AntiStress - Shake your stress away.

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