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May 03, 2013
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.3 or later.
Avg. score: 3.5
Rating: 355

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Animation Express


Animation Express Description

You Can Create Great Animations!!
Paint • Draw • Animate • Add Sound!

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It's FREE Today! Enjoy!

This powerful Free version of our wildly successful Animation Apps provides all the tools you need to create great Animations on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch! Paint, draw, add Fun Stamps and even your own Soundtrack!

"Animation Express is a great option!
Try Animation with a Free App."
- AppAdvice

Fun and Easy to Use! For Help, Tap the "?" Button and check out our full In-App Tutorial!

Once you've mastered Animation Express, try the full version, Animation Studio! Send your Animations via email, or view in AirPlay, even upload to YouTube® with your Soundtrack! Just search the App Store for "Animation Studio" or search "miSoft" to see all our Apps!

Animation Express is an Ad Supported Universal App! That means 1 App for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, and it's Free!

Check out all our Free & Express Apps!

Kid Fireworks • Kid Paint • Blocks Express

Kid Chopper Drop • Kid Pit Stop • Kid Timber

Animation Express • Endorphin • Express Books

Free for Kids of all Ages with iAds & AdWords!

miSoft Kid and Express Series Apps are built for Kids of all Ages and are intended to represent Wholesome Family Entertainment. We use no in-app purchase content, no 3rd Party data collection or location tracking systems, and advertiser settings attempt to filter out objectionable Ad Content!

While we are not aware of 3rd party collection of device, location or other information, we can not control the Advertiser Networks or Content. Some Ads may take Users to outside Internet sites as directed by Ads, and networks may change Ad Policies. Please see Advertiser Network publications for Advertising information and guidelines.

Please review your Settings App in the General, then Restrictions area to confirm your App preferences and password settings for App purchases of advertised Apps as well your parental control settings on your choice of Device Browser.

If the Ad Networks are a concern, consider the full version for with no Ads and many more features and tools, just search the App Store for "Animation Studio".

miSoft, Go-To Apps! Create • Share • Play!

Please take a moment to post a kind Star Rating or Written Review! These steps really help us provide Great Apps! Don't let others speak for you, un-true reviews rob you of future updates and great new Apps!

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