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Jun 10, 2014
Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 3.2 or later
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Ancient Astrological Gems & Talismans 


Ancient Astrological Gems & Ta Description

A complete guide on gems in astrology”---The Astrological Magazine of India  

Winner of the PMA's “1996 Benjamin Franklin Award”-- this eBook App is available for both iPhone and iPad. The App contains special controls for adjusting font size, book-marking pages, leaving written or voice notes, etc. It can also be viewed in landscape mode for easy reading. Touching any picture brings it to full size. The eBook is filled with awesome color illustrations of gemstone talismans created and numbered by author and designer Richard Shaw Brown. This is the 2nd edition, with 8 additional chapters on everything from Kailash Shila to Lakshmi Conch. Get this book!

“Ancient Astrological Gemstone and Talismans by Richard S. Brown is a comprehensive study of ancient oriental wisdom vis-a-vis study of gemstones & their astral powers. The main attraction of this book is Talisman Jewelry with classical sidereal astrology of India. The contents of the book, itself, speaks about the invaluable treasure of knowledge possessed by the author. The glimpse of Vedic knowledge gained by the author, by dedicating himself to his divine grace Srila  A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, is also seen in this book at various places like in one of the chapters named Pearls he mentioned .."The process of cleaning pearls was taught by the great Vyadhi - where Vyadhi refers to the name for Lord Vishnu , most probably his Dhanvantari incarnation , in which form Lord revealed the medical science to mankind, out of his compassion for the learned and virtuous". Such description itself reveals the fact that author is blessed with the gem of knowledge. The description about the Nava-graha along with the rare photographs of the respective deities is fantastic. The Gemstone Narratives is one of the excellent chapters in his book, where various stories and facts are written in such a interesting manner that it encapsulates the mind of the reader fully. Best part of this book is that it rules out superstitions about Indian astrology. Last but not least, the Appendage on Planetary Mantras, Charity & Fasting is amazing, where a reader could find charity, fasting & the mantra for respective deities. It serves as an invaluable guide to the user. I think Mr. Brown has taken the birth on this planet to complete the unfinished task of promoting planetary gemology and playing the lead role for the same. He is the precious gift of lord on the earth.”---Dr. Shekhar Vashishtha, B.Sc. (Hons.), M. Sc. Applied Geology, B.R., S.S., P.G.D.J., Ph.D., C.C.F.S., F.G.S., G.G (U.S.A), F.G.A. (U.K.), P.G. (THAILAND), SECRETARY GENERAL, MINERAL CLUB OF INDIA

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