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May 29, 2014
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
Avg. score: 2.5
Rating: 8

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Amsterdam, The Map


Amsterdam, The Map Description

An attractive and detailed 100% offline tourist map of Amsterdam containing over 100 places of interest, clearly categorized. Want to know the opening hours of a museum or attraction? It’s all there in this concise city guide. Major landmarks appear as 3D drawings, and information pops up as you touch the screen. You can prepare your trip by making a list of favorites.

Downloading this free version will allow you to discover the quality of the app. You can experience the clear, detailed maps that are included, as well as all the information on more than 100 POI’s. Want to know where the markets and parks are. You will find it in this app. Once you are satisfied with the quality, you can activate all GPS functions with an in-app purchase, (a quick small download) , including over $ 25 / € 20 in vouchers for popular attractions like bike rental and canal cruises and thereafter enjoy the full benefits of all the functions described below, still without any internet access and any roaming charges.. The version with GPS locator will show you where you are and how far your chosen attraction is from your present location, available as an in-app purchase.

No roaming costs

You don’t need any network connection at all once the application is installed on your phone. This means that you avoid high roaming costs, you can stay offline and the GPS Locator still shows you where you are.

Personal Locations/Favorites

From the moment you arrive in Amsterdam the GPS Locator shows your position on the map. Once in your hotel, you can drop the hotel pin with the Personal Location function marking the hotel for the rest of your stay. You can also drop a pin to show where you parked your rented bike, or marking the location of that nice restaurant so you can find it back.

Discount Vouchers with a value of over $ 25 / € 20

The app contains discount vouchers for e.g. 2,50 for a bike rental,
2,50 on a canal cruise, 2,50 on the entrance fee for Diamant Museum etc so the app pays itself back.

Places Of Interest

Amsterdam The Map contains over 100 places of interest, clearly categorized. Pick one, and it will be highlighted on the map, with an indication of how far it is away from you.
Want to know the opening hours of a museum or about public transport? It’s all included in this concise city guide.


On request of users we have added a limited choice of fine restaurants and a small sample of traditional “brown pubs”, a selection of coffeeshops and clubs.

Nearby; to do/wifi/€/police/etc.

Do you need a taxi, or to withdraw money? At the touch of a button you will be shown the nearest taxi rank or cash machine.
Have you visited a museum, and wonder what else there is to do in the surroundings? Ask your app and you will be presented with suggestions of interesting venues nearby.
Want to visit the websites of a few attractions? The app will tell you the nearest free Wi-Fi locations, where you can have free internet access and can enjoy a cup of coffee while browsing.

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