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Nov 07, 2010
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.1 or later
Avg. score: 2.5
Rating: 6

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accessMOBILE by Charter One Bank


accessMOBILE by Charter One Ba Description

accessMOBILE by Charter One Bank


In today’s fast-paced, unwired world, corporate and small business users need instant access to their business accounts and financial information from any location. That’s why Charter One Bank is pleased to offer accessMOBILE, an easy-to-use, free mobile app delivering a robust subset of functionality that exists today in the Money Manager GPS (TM) web application. With accessMOBILE, Charter One Bank enables you to extend your business office to the virtual world, giving you the ability to make decisions and conduct critical business from anywhere in the world at any time.

accessMOBILE is a clean, intuitive application from which you can quickly and easily:

Check alerts and bank messages
Approve pending transactions
Release wire transfers
Initiate and complete intra-company transfers
Review current and previous day account history and transaction details
Find Branch and ATM Locator
View Commercial Cards information
View daily Foreign Exchange information
Contact Us with one-tap access for telephone or e-mail inquiries and requests for customer assistance

Using state-of-the-art security protocols, accessMOBILE provides a secure channel through which your company’s encrypted data and transactions can be safely and reliably transmitted. Additionally, accessMOBILE’s multi-factor authentication process guards against unauthorized use, providing further protection of your accounts and data.

*You must be enrolled in Money Manager GPS to order to log in and use the cash management features of accessMOBILE. Money Manager GPS is a registered trademark of Citizens Financial Group, Inc. Copyright 2010 Citizens Financial Group, Inc. All rights reserved. Citizens Financial Group, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of The Royal Bank of Scotland plc. Citizens Bank is a brand name of RBS Citizens, N.A. and Citizens Bank of Pennsylvania. Citizens Bank is a division of RBS Citizens N.A. and Citizens Bank accounts and other RBS Citizens, N.A. accounts are not separately insured by the FDIC. Citizens Bank of Pennsylvania is not part of RBS Citizens, N.A. Connectivity to accessMOBILE TM is provided by your mobile operator or wireless provider.

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