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Jun 08, 2014
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.3 or later. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.
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AA Route Planner


AA Route Planner Description

For iPhone and iPad

AA Route Planner gives you an entire year of up-to-the-minute route planning across Great Britain & Ireland, using the same routing base that has now delivered over 1 billion routes on the AA website.

N.B. At the end of the first year a £1.99 in-app purchase is required in order to continue to use the AA Route Planner app for an additional year.

This app is not a satnav application so if this is what you are after please consider the "AA Satnav UK & Ireland" app.
Unlike other routeplanners, our directions guide you by what you’ll actually see on the road, such as: “at Stockwell underground turn right (A123) signposted The City”.
We are able to do this because we have teams of AA experts actually on the road.
Our interactive maps let you search by name, address and postcode and also choose options for routes that will avoid tolls and congestion charges.

We do our best to respond quickly to changes to local roads and pride ourselves on reacting to feedback from customers (you asked us to remove the ads, so we removed the ads) and continually adapting and improving our service, so if you have any comments or suggestions as to how we can improve this app, then please let us know. Just drop us an e-mail at

* App includes unlimited AA routes for a whole year.

* AA Route Planner provides comprehensive route planning for journeys across Great Britain and Ireland.

* Routes that are researched by AA team of experts who continually drive the roads to create the easiest routes for you to drive.

Easy selection of start and destination locations by place name, address and postcode lookup or from your current GPS location. Routes and turn-by-turn instructions are displayed on interactive maps and also as a list of turning instructions with distance and drive times. Routes can be optimised by driving preferences.

The app allows you to show your current location and to see where you are on the map/route. You can even route from your current location using the on-board gps and store places that you route to and from as favourites.

For further info please visit:

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