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Jun 30, 2012
Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation) and iPad.Requires iOS 4.3 or later.
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1st Video Net - Video Editor


1st Video Net - Video Editor Description

** This App is NOT for Consumer use. It is only for Commercial customers of VeriCorder
** It requires a VeriCorder Network Services License Code in order to work
** Please contact your company's Administrator to receive your License Code
** If you are looking for a robust video editor for personal use, please download Voddio - Video Audio Editor

1st Video Net is designed for true media professionals, working in a network setting. 1st Video Net is simple to use, but gives you the power to craft pro-quality news stories and short films on an iPhone, iPod touch, or an iPad. In short, this innovative app is the most powerful tool ever made for the Mobile Journalist.

1st Video Net is ONLY for use by reporters and other content creators who are part of a media network, that has purchased a license for one or more of VeriCorder's Network Services.

VeriCorder's Network Services allow a media company to easily integrate and manage hundreds, or even thousands, of reporters, videographers or filmmakers into their newsroom or asset management systems, from anywhere around the world, over the Internet.

1st Video Net also works seamlessly with VeriCorder's VeriLocal system; the first, fully automated system for creating online HyperLocal media distribution networks.

So, who would use this app to edit video? Reporters for online or broadcast media companies; Content creators who post video to media websites; Corporate trainers or communications professionals, who post video to a corporate network; Public Relations professionals who need to create and distribute media releases from the field; Individual podcasters who want to quickly and economically create their own, monetized media networks.

Please READ the onboard QuickStart Guide on the Help page to better understand the rich features of this App, or Watch the Training Videos that are also available through the Help page on the App.

Features :

- Record HD video on iPhone 4 and iPod touch 4th generation, or iPad2
- Record CD quality audio and monitor levels with your headphones
- Add Markers to your audio or video recordings
- Upload audio, pictures or video from your computer using your web browser
- Import videos, pictures or audio into the App from your Camera Roll, Photo library or your iTunes music library

- Easily edit video, slideshow, or multi-track audio projects in the field
- Use second video track for B-roll or Slide overlays
- Add Transitions and Titling to video clips and slides
- Use the Sequencer to re-arrange clips quickly
- Make your story sound great with advanced volume curves and mixes
- Scrub your video to make fine edits and frame accurate trims
- Preview in fullscreen, without having to render the project
- Use the Script Writer to document your production as needed by your company's requirements

- Save your video projects in HD format on compatible iPhone, iPod touch and iPad devices
- Save audio projects as CD quality WAV files
- Fix videos recorded in wrong orientation with Rotate function
- Trim imported, recorded or produced Videos to start or stop on an exact Frame with the Trim function.

- Export video projects as h.264 .MOV (Mpeg-4) video files to your Company's media management system, to your camera roll or send small videos via email
- Export audio files as CD quality WAV, or as M4A (Mpeg-4, AAC) to your email or Company's media management system
- Use the Sharing function to download your audio, pictures or video files to your computer or another device running 1st Video
- With appropriate backend integration, the VeriCorder Network Services can send any of your audio or video projects directly into your company's media system with required meta-data and scripts.

Make sure you configure your User settings before creating your video project, or trying the sending features.

Watch our Training Videos at to see what you can do with our Video Editor

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