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May 14, 2012
2.2 and up
Avg. score: 4.6
Rating: 3795

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Zombie Granny: puzzle game


Zombie Granny: puzzle game Description

Zap those zany Zombies! Try this addictively fun puzzle game.

Zombie Granny is an addictively fun puzzle game that combines zany characters, dazzling animated effects of destruction, and tricky mechanical puzzles for a ghoulishly entertaining good time!


-- 148apps: Zombie Granny is a must download and will surprise even the youngest of players!

-- Touch Arcade: A Stylish Take on Trial and Error Puzzles! This is an unusually good looking game!

-- Touch My Apps: The stylish graphics, polished game mechanics and diverse levels are sure to offer you hours of joy!

In this crazy zombie killer game, you control the objects in the environment to solve the puzzle and destroy all the zombies as fast and as efficiently as possible. Travel through exciting different worlds in your quest to exterminate the walking dead, polishing your skills and collecting all the hidden puzzle pieces to set the best hi-score.

Think through the puzzle then use your fingers to cut the ropes and break the chains with just the right timing. Watch closely as your actions put the scene and fireballs in motion. If done just right, you will BBQ those zombies and watch them all turn into black ash!

You can also create passages by destroying obstacles and bring the action to life with the help of exploding boxes and shooting cannons. Zombie Granny also includes an easy-to-use Level Editor that is unlocked once you have gone through the “Pirate Ship” and “Police Station” levels, allowing players to create their own original puzzles.

Use your mind and your fingers to fight your way through an army of the undead and annihilate them all to get to your main target – The Zombie Granny! Are you ready for the challenge?


• 3 different worlds to conquer: Stonehenge, Pirate Ship and Police Station
• 45 tricky and challenging puzzle levels to solve (15 per world)
• More than 100 zombies to kill and incinerate
• 3 strong and clever bosses to defeat
• Tons of weapons to use: colored fireballs, bombs, boxes, etc.
• Lots of tricky devices to maneuver: levers, springs, platforms, etc.
• Cool graphics and atmospheric music
• Arcade elements with fun, ghoulish characters
• Easy-to-use level editor (available only after you have gone through Pirate Ship and Police Station levels - $1.99 for both)

*********** PLEASE NOTE: ***********

After you download the game installer (13MB), you will need to download additional materials such as art and levels – another 1MB - 30MB, depending on your device. We advise to use Wi-Fi connection for this purpose. This is done to ensure that the game perfectly suits your device. After all additional materials are downloaded, the game is ready to play.

Available in 11 languages: English, Russian, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Portuguese, Netherlands, Japanese and Korean.

Download Zombie Granny today – this cool game’s cartoon zombie graphics and brainteaser puzzles will enchant kids of all ages. Zombie Granny is just one of our highly addicting games featuring action fun for the whole family – from children to Granny! Zombie Granny is a cartoon-style arcade puzzle game with zombies aplenty that you can destroy with a touch of your finger!

Make your craziest zombie dreams come true with CandyApps’ Zombie collection ->

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Google Play Comments

Well worth the trouble downloading on dial upWe live in the country with no DSL just an old phone wire, took me awhile to download but it is a fun game I already upgraded!
I hate dudes and dudets lolHayyyy thats not fair.they forced me to do 5STAR I go with sherly nut i don.t want to i just them happy.i put 5 star just to make them happy but i HATE THIS because i waited 2.min to LOAD
Level Editorreally fun game, quite challenging... But how do you creat your own level!!!!!!!! i have completed the game ENTIRELY and now there is nothing to do. they keep advertising "level editor" and I can play only 2 other peoples levels (so i imagine others are having the same problem) so PLEASE fix this or at least let users know how to use it.

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