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Nov 12, 2013
2.2 and up
Avg. score: 4.4
Rating: 45388

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Lango Messaging


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Download Lango Messaging and start sending Textable Icons™.

Get over emoji and emoticons and start texting with cool celebrity-inspired icons, funny images and cool branded characters.
Create a meme and post to Facebook or Twitter. It’s simple and free. Lango lets you send Textable Icons™ with vibrant color and great images!

• Lango has the best icons, backgrounds and stickers so you can create memes for Facebook and Twitter. Get Lango and show what you have to say.

• Lango allows you to send messages to anyone on your contact list! They do not need to have Lango in order to receive them.

• Lango interprets the essence of your message and offers a few smart images that are associated with your message. We do all the hard work for you. Sit back and get creative.

• Create a Flair! Text over photos and create your own meme. Or you can choose form one of our custom backgrounds. Post your meme to Facebook and Twitter.

• Lango is a FREE app that comes preloaded with hundreds of icons and backgrounds.

• Check out The Gallery to buy premium branded content. We have Turbo™, Garfield™, Paul Frank and more!

• Our core language and backgrounds offer you countless possibilities of creativity.

• Auto-suggestion of the perfect icon. Let our Essence Engine do the work for you. Seamless publishing to Facebook and Twitter. It couldn't be easier.

• Our new gallery makes it easy to purchase premium branded content. Choose from your favorites like: Turbo, Garfield, Paul Frank and more.

• Lango works with your phone number and contacts. No need for a username and password.

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OkI have been told that some of my messages are in chineese or my signature is and sometimes my messages are half chineese and half english. PLEASE FIX THIS!!! Well until its fixed I'm uninstalling this app
Great app!It's something different than just using my boring messaging system.
Needs work!!!I buy icons that are continually a erased. then I have to purchase the icons again. this app would be fun if the icons that were purchased would remain.

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