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Sep 21, 2012
2.2 and up
Avg. score: 3.7
Rating: 381

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yourAvon Mobile


yourAvon Mobile Description

yourAvon Mobile is a business productivity application for Avon Representatives currently available for Android.

Our latest update to our popular app for Avon Representatives adds Address Book functionality. You can now:

- Add new customers and place orders for them
- Edit customer information
- Import from your phone contacts (your device’s Contacts or People list) to your Avon Address Book
- Export from your Avon Address Book to your phone Contacts (your device’s Contacts or People list)
- Tap to call or email a customer directly from your Avon Address Book

Now you’ll never miss an opportunity to place a customer order again, wherever you are!

With a few taps, you can view product details, place orders for your customers, check out Avon’s Deal of the Day and now add and edit customer details, all in one app.

No need to create a new account. Avon Representatives can sign in with an existing yourAvon account to quickly access orders and information securely.

This application is only available to Avon Representatives who have registered on An existing login ID and password are required.

Look for more new features coming soon. We’re continually striving to help you grow and manage your business wherever you are, so keep the feedback coming! For more information about Avon, visit

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Google Play Comments

Heather PC/UL repGreat job adding the address book. Rating increased to 4 stars. The product screen also only shows full price, no offers like BOGO free. Now we need product availability search, and the virtual brochure for 5 stars.
Good for literally nothingLogged in, none of my customer names or my name came up, address book not available. my name should at least pop up, said no contacts match your entry. App sucks, worth the price of nothing. Come on get it together! I'd rather pay $ to get an app I can use
UmmmSo it worked great for campaign 21 now it is not. I hope my orders go to my Avon account. I really don't want to retype it.

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