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Xpress Mobile

The Xpress Mobile Application is for US Xpress Enterprises, Inc. drivers and provides out-of-the cab functionality to augment the existing in-cab systems. This software is only supported on devices with Android version 2.2 or greater at this time.

Current Functionality:
* View / Accept / Reject Pre-Assignments
* View Dispatch
* View Map of Stops including Satellite and Traffic Views
- (Google maps is required)
* Accept / Reject Dispatch Requirements
* Accept Load
* View Repower information correctly entered in the system
* View location of other truck involved in Repower
* Help/About documentation

If you have an issue with the application not working, please send an e-mail to xpressmobile@usxpress.com and we will work to identify the issues you might be having. Your feedback is important to the success of this product!

Permissions Summary

* View Network State & Full Internet Access
This permission allows the application to communicate with our system providing you with pre-assignments and dispatches on your device.

* Fine (GPS) Location
This permission allows us to determine if you are in-motion. For your safety and ability to focus while driving your access to the application is restricted while you are in motion. Your location and speed information are not sent back to us or stored for any purpose.

* Hardware Controls
This permission gives you the choice to be notified of important events by vibrating the device.

For more information regarding how and what information we use, please see our privacy policy.

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