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Apr 07, 2013
2.0 and up
Avg. score: 3.9
Rating: 76

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X10 Commander


X10 Commander Description

X10 Commander is used to connect to a computer running Windows X10Commander Server, MacOSX ThinkingHome, or Linux Heyu. Control your X10 devices without the need for line-of-sight that traditional remotes need. Want to turn the outside lights on? Now with X10 Commander you can do all that from the comfort of your Android!Ever wanted to close the garage door while lying in your bed? How about turn the outdoor floodlights on but didn't feel like walking back downstairs to turn them on? Now you can! All you need is an X10 CM11, CM12, CM15, CM17 Firecracker, CM19, or Marmitek CM15Pro device connected to your computer and X10 Commander will allow you to control all your X10 devices.X10 Commander consists of two pieces...a server piece which runs on your PC/Mac/Linux and the client piece which runs on your Android device. The PC application is free and available from our Downloads section, the MacOSX support is provided by Thinking Home software from and the Linux/Unix support is provided by Heyu and a custom shell script.The purpose of this program is simple: to allow control of your X10 devices from your Android with the touch of a finger.
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Google Play Comments

Very good app - Outstanding customer serviceI have been using the app 6 months or so and I really like it. Does what it is supposed to do in allowing me to control all my X10 devices from my Atrix 4G. What I think really sets this apart from the rest is the customer service. I recently found that I needed to move the app registration from one gmail account to another, and while Google doesn't offer a way to do this, the rep from Melloware went out of his way to help me accomplish this. Very prompt and professional response to my email (even over a weekend). This alone, justifies the purchase price of the app.
Worth it?Not really. It's a good app don't get me wrong, but an ugly/clunky UI. No widget? Wow. For $10?
Poor and very very £Already £ on IOS and £8 is £7.99 too much for a basic port that makes no use of the power of Android. Even appliance modules have dim buttons. Not impressed

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