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Jun 17, 2012
2.2 and up
Avg. score: 4.1
Rating: 1019

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Word Worm HD


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ENTIRELY NEW AND HIGHLY ADDICTIVE VERSION JUST RELEASED. Please rate and comment if you like our word game!!Welcome to Word Worm!!
If you like puzzle or word games, you'll love word worm! The goal is simple: form words by touching adjacent (connecting) letters.
That is, you can move up/down and left/right as long as you are forming a word. When you have formed a word, press submit to score your word and watch the letters disappear.
This game was designed natively for android as oppose to our previous version. It features full screen professionally designed graphics and “iPhone smooth” animations. This version includes an expanded dictionary and plural word support! Inspired by popcap’s classic game bookworm! *HD Graphics for supporting devices only (tablets, higher end phones). Otherwise normal graphics displayed. HD will automatically be displayed if supported.
Images for xoom are 1280 x 800 (full HD resolution)Supports Android 3.1 (Honeycomb) and other tablets, including:
Motorola Xoom
Samsung Galaxy Tab
And many more!Coming soon:
Online High Scores and RankingsPlease email us for suggestions! This is our first game so rate us 5 stars if you enjoyed it!
-Spencer and EricKeywords: word worm, wordworm, word, worm, bookworm, book worm, book, worm, word, game, puzzle, scrabble, text, anagrams, word search, word game, play, bonus, time trial, free play

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Word wormHope they give a refund after only playing it 3 times. Would have been great to beable to go past level 6. Im dissapointed.
October 12, 2012
Great Start. Needs ability to see score when game is over, best score, maybe combine q and u. 
Very enjoyable.Use untimed mode for long periods of relaxing, yet challenging play. The ONLY negative is it needs more info on burning & jeweled tiles re: scoring

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