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Sep 28, 2012
2.0.1 and up
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Wolf Wallpaper


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* Photo gallery of high quality "Wolf Wallpaper" images .
* Play "Wolf Wallpaper" free Puzzles Game.
* Set "Wolf Wallpaper" Live Wallpaper.

The gray wolf (Canis lupus, excluding the domestic dog and the dingo), also known as the wolf, is the largest extant wild member of the Canidae family. Though once abundant over much of Eurasia, North Africa and North America, the gray wolf inhabits a reduced portion of its former range due to widespread destruction of its territory, human encroachment, and the resulting human-wolf encounters that sparked broad extirpation. Even so, the gray wolf is regarded as being of least concern for extinction by the International Union for Conservation of Nature, when the entire gray wolf population is considered as a whole. Today, wolves are protected in some areas, hunted for sport in others, or may be subject to population control or extermination as threats to livestock, people, and pets.

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- Full Screen ,
- Save to SD .

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Why?It won't load don't get it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ads are offensive!I belive the total picture count was 39. Pretty cool except there's 2 pictures of alaskan malamutes ( am on 3rd malamute of my own) 1 picture of siberian husky ( blue eyes and only one with a collar on in picture) and I believe 3? Foxes. Was very happy till I hit my back button. Instead of going back a screen, a pop up add for naked women popped up! NO mention of ads but sure as heck are there and are offensive ones! Hope this helps! God bless!
LUMBERMAN BLUEThe woodman's choral When 'Timber!' he calls, The groan as she leans The crash as she falls Are they sounds of a song we shall hear nevermore From the coast of B.C. to the Maritime shore? Pine by the hundred and thousand board feet! Cedar and balsam so fragrant and sweet! Maybe in heaven these things shall come true And patch up the pockets of Lumberman Blue! But Canaan is far And I don't know which star Is now burning wood for its flame To heat up their bacon And nebular beans...BY JAMES M. CHAPESKIE

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