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May 01, 2012
2.1 and up
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Windows Mobile Live Wallpaper 1.1


Windows Mobile Live Wallpaper Description

Windows Mobile Live Wallpaper! Simulates the look of a Windows Mobile Phone!*Uploaded to the Android Market on 5/20/2011!**Windows Mobile Live Wallpaper!**A stunning animated live wallpaper that simulates the appearance of a Windows Mobile Phone!**Not compatible with Android firmware 2.3.4! Please check your firmware version before downloading!*!Please read all the details below before downloading!This dazzling animated live wallpaper features a Microsoft Windows Logo that becomes entrapped in a spectacular vibrant light streak animation! This eye catching Windows Phone live wallpaper will give your Android phone the look and feel of a Windows Mobile Phone! Use it to trick your friends and family! Download now and show everyone the power of the Android phone!*Please leave a positive comment if you like/love this live wallpaper. If you don't like it then a refund/canceled order will be provided, given the live wallpaper is uninstalled less than 15 minutes after download. According to Google, uninstalling the app before 15 minutes after the installation will automatically cancel the order and there won’t be a charge. If a refund option is not available it’s because the purchase hasn’t been charged yet. So uninstall the download after 15 minutes to cancel the order before it’s charged. A negative comment is not necessary because a refund/canceled order will be given. If you do like/love the live wallpaper, please comment and give it a good rating. It's a win/win situation for all!**Features*
- Simulates the appearance of a Windows Phone!
- Trick your friends and family into believing you have a Windows phone!
- Eye catching animation!
- Vibrant & colorful light streaks!
- Windows theme!
- High resolution animation rendering!
- Adjust the speed of the dazzling light streaks by increasing the fps!
- High Resolution optimized for the Android phone!
- A must have and see for everyone!
- Adjustable frames per second for optimal performance on every Android phone!
- Adjustable screen size for compatibility on every Android phone!*Notes*
- After installation please select a "medium" or "big" screen size in the live wallpaper setting for optimal results! - To achieve the best and smoothest rendering possible, please disable all the left over unused apps running in your phone's background. The left over unused apps are wasting space in your phone's memory. You can delete their tasks by going to the task manager in your phone and then select "clear all memory." This should always be done when any live wallpaper is active on your phone.*Installation Instructions*
1. Long Press>Wall Papers>Live Wallpapers or Menu>Wallpapers>Live Wallpapers.
2. Go to this Live Wallpaper’s settings and select the screen resolution and FPS that you feel looks best with your phone!*Related Keywords*
Microsoft, Windows Mobile Phone, Windows 7, Windows Phone, Windows, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Vista, Xbox, android live wallpaper, wallpaper, lightning, Windows Seven, xbox, xbox 360, xbox live wallpaper, xbox 360 live wallpaper*The Windows Microsoft logo is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation. By purchasing this application you agree that you are not in fact purchasing said names or images owned by Microsoft Corporation but you are supporting the development of this application*

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