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Jun 11, 2013
Varies with device
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Wifi Hotspot & USB Tether Pro


Wifi Hotspot & USB Tether Pro Description

Wifi Hotspot and USB Tether (Pro) by SVTP
This premier app turns your phone into the fastest high-bandwidth Internet hotspot around so you can use your laptop, tablet, or game console online. It also easily enables internet via USB, and it's optimized for the latest lightning-fast 4G connections..This "Professional" version is for tech aficionados who crave internet wherever they go, on whatever device they have, and for business professionals who need 100% reliable online access while traveling and meeting clients.All for a low, 1-time purchase less than half what some carriers charge every month for a basic hotspot, backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee -- refund within 5 days of purchase by emailing hotspot@svtechpartners.comPlease try the free "Lite" version to see if it will work with your phone before you buy. This app is hardware-dependent and only works with some phones. (Most HTC phones do not work.)Does not require root.Include widgets for 1-touch toggle.--- PHONE COMPATIBILITY ---
Designed for Samsung Droid Charge.Some users report it also works with:
* Samsung Galaxy Nexus (no USB), Stratosphere, Exhibit, Exhibit 2, Galaxy S 2, Galaxy Gio, Intercept, Attain, Fascinate, Galaxy Note, Transform, Conquer, Epic, Sidekick 4G, Doubletime, Captivate
* Motorola Razr, Bionic, Droid 3, X2, Photon
* HTC Wildfire S, Amaze 4G
* Pantech Crossover, Breakout
* Dell Streak
* Sony Xperia arc
* LG G2x, Ally, Optimus C, Optimus V, Optimus S
* Huawei Ascend 2
* T-mobile G2, Comet (Huawei Ideos U8150)NOT compatible with most HTC, EVO, Photon, Rezound, Inspire, Samsung Prevail, Motorola Triumph, Casio Commando, LG Spectrum, Motorola Bravo, If your phone is not listed above, please test the "Lite" version of this app before buying.--- LITE VERSION & REFUND AVAILABLE ---
Please try the free "Lite" version before buying this one. (see below under "MORE BY SVTP")Google Play provides a free refund within 15 minutes; we offer an extended refund within 5 days: just email including the name used on your purchase.5-day Warranty: Refund is available with 5 days of purchase.  After 5 days no refund is available.Note: Software updates by Android or a wireless carrier may cause this app to stop working in the future.--- ABOUT THE DEVELOPER ---
SVTP is a family business using technology for development projects in Africa. This app actually came out of research on providing Internet through mobiles phones in Africa. Profits from this app support more development projects in the area of technology and solar power for Africa. Thanks for your support!

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Google Play Comments

Widget throws up error in JB but still worksThe widget and app worked flawlessly on my Verizon Galaxy Nexus running stock ICS. I mainly use the widget to activate/deactivate the hotspot. I recently installed a Jelly Bean ROM (Bugless Beast). When I press the widget to activate, it shows an error "Sorry, this device is not supported". I press it a second time and then it works like usual. This also happens when I press the widget again to deactivate. The important thing is the app and widget still work however now requires a repeat press hassle.
ExcellentI have a Motorola Droid 4 for Verizon. I've had this app for months now and I love it. It connects several devices to the internet with no problems and its very simple to use. Had very few connection issues which were resolved by rebooting the phone. 5 stars from me.
Excellent developerGreat program! Works great on my Bionic with ICS now that developer has updated it! Contacting the developer has been absolutely pleasant and he always responds within a day! I highly recommend this app and developer!

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