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Oct 16, 2012
1.6 and up
Avg. score: 4
Rating: 2551

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Wifi Fixer


Wifi Fixer Description

The original Wifi Fixer

This software is provided free under the terms of the Apache 2.0 license: see

Wifi Fixer is a low-resource service that works around several problems with Android wifi. It is primarily intended for users whose wifi shows as connected, but cannot use internet applications.

Apps can’t prevent disconnections or low signals.
Wifi Fixer will detect and attempt recovery when these problems are detected.
You can tune your Wifi Acess Point's settings to minimize disconnections. Please refer to Wifi Fixer’s help documents for more information.

Current version:

Read Known Issues in app's built-in documentation

For full changelog, click on the project site linked in Developer Info

Don't use market comments for support: Please use email or project site linked in Developer Info.

Wifi Fixer is an Open Source project.

Rooted Users: If you use a utility to revoke permissions, Wifi Fixer will crash. All are necessary and documented at

Wifi Fixer has no ads and never will.

**Tasker users!** Wifi Fixer has had intents you can use for some time. See

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Google Play Comments

Insane Xade
Turned into sir crashalot with no helpFor a long time this was the only thing that would get my ICS tablet to connect to the net. Now it refuses to connect. I was in the middle of playing a game this morning when I saw it updated then just kicked me offline. I havent been able to get online with any connection since. Reboots, restarts, nothing is working now. Thanks for the "fix" gang.
Help it's crashingThough from the time I installed this the wifi is staying on for longer than earlier.. but in the past 1 hour the app has crashed a dozen times and has restarted asking me to force close or report.. I have a Huawei U8500 phone running on Android Froyo.. I'd appreciate if you could write back to me resolving this issue..
BruceLGL45C Awesome app, fixed issues I had with WiFi when screen was off & after turning screen back on. Which is why I donated, it's worth it!! Great job!!!

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