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Mar 27, 2011
2.1 and up
Avg. score: 3.7
Rating: 11

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WiFi File Manager


WiFi File Manager Description

WiFi File Manager

Wi-Fi File Manager / File Explorer

Manage files on your Android Device via WiFi through any web browser on your local network via a clean, simple Web interface. Small and lean app. Runs as service. When running see it in the notification tray.


1. Turn on Wi-Fi on your Android device.

2. Run the app.

3. Browse http://IP address of Android:8080 (The app tells you).

Upload, download, stream or delete files. Create or delete directories.

Multi-file upload/download: Now supports ZIP file upload (asks on upload if you would like to unzip) plus option to create a zip file from a list of selected files. Note: Compressing files is CPU intensive, very large files may take a while if you have a slow device.

Configuration options (Menu -> Settings):

1. Port. Default is 8080. (Anything less than 1024 requires root.)
2. File downloads go to to new window Y/N. Default is Y.*
3. Use Default Directory (Y/N) / Default directory to use (/sdcard).
4. Use Password protection (Y/N) / Password to use (default is 'password').

* With downloads in the same window this application acts like a simple web server. Simply put the files for your website on your sdcard and point your browser at the HTML file(s), e.g.

1. Only files in /sdcard are usually writable.

2. Be sure your WiFi and/or phone sleep policy suits you. Configure in Settings -> Wireless/Networks -> WiFi -> [Advanced].

3. Only works on your own local WiFi network. Please don't expect it to work through firewalls or different networks.

** Please verify file upload works for you on the free version before trying this. Tested on IE, FireFox and Chrome on Windows XP and Windows 7. Other browsers/OS's unknown but should work.

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Google Play Comments

Simple Easy to Use, Works PerfectlyLoaded the "Free Trial" version, was able to install, upload and download a <50k file (file size is limited to <50k in the "Free Trial" version). It worked flawlessly. Purchase the "Pro" version, installed it, upload and download a >15Mb file. It worked flawlessly. A good new feature would be some "batch" UL/DL capabilities. Would give 5 stars if there was batch UL/DL. HTC Glacier (T-Mobile MyTouch4G)
Alan S
Works quite well. No problem downloading or uploading small files, but sometimes ...Works quite well. No problem downloading or uploading small files, but sometimes problems with big ones! SE experia X10
Unable to upload files!!! 

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