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Jul 04, 2012
2.1 and up
Avg. score: 4.6
Rating: 43085

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WiFi Booster Easy Connect ★


WiFi Booster Easy Connect ★ Description

Connect to the best available WiFi access points in 2 taps! ;)

Having been to a place, like a mall or coffee place wondering if there are any open WiFi around you and not wanna go through all the menus just to check it out? Let this app do it for you!

☆ One of the easiest most convenient WiFi Apps you'll find
☆ Includes a wifi network speed booster
☆ Includes 1 press search for best remembered wifi networks
☆ Includes 1 press search for best open wifi networks
☆ Very lightweight WiFi Connectivity Manager with Easy Connect and booster

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Barbi, Blondie
This is GREATI live in an RV park with free wifi and my spot is near the drop off zone of the WiFi signal. So, in order to surf I have to constantly manually reconnect to WiFi, as the signal is more out than in. Since installing this app an hour ago, I haven't lost my WiFi connection yet. That makes me very happy!!! ;-)) Thank you for a great app. I've already 2 ppl about your app.
Works everytimeWhen my connection is slow i use this too boost and voila! Im surfin faster. Thanks developer. God bless your good soul for coming up with a decent app, and free :)
Galaxy s2Brooooooo u r just.... man God bless u.. u save me some good cash, it's great surely getting the " donation " version n I'm gonna spread the word.. I'm from freaking Trinidad a 3rd world country n ur apps work sooooo good. Down here man.. Keep up the good work please!! Rajiv bal.

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