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Sep 29, 2012
2.0 and up
Avg. score: 4.4
Rating: 141

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WiFi ADB Description

Debug/test apps on device over the air, no cable. Must-have developer tool.

WiFi ADB makes it easy to debug/test your Android apps directly on device via WiFi TCP/IP connection. No need to use USB cable.

After enabling ADB over WiFi, to connect your computer to the device open the console and run

adb connect ip_address_of_the_device


This app works on ROOTED phones only. If you don't know what it means or your phone is not rooted please don't install. Rooted phone users also need to grant this app su permission when being asked.


* Quickly enable/disable ADB connection over WiFi TCP/IP
* Once enabled an entry is added to ongoing notification bar to remind user that ADB over WiFi is active and make it easy to disable it again
* The app icon can be put on status bar at all time for quick access (better than home screen widget, IMO)
* Temporarily increase screen-off timeout. Nine times out of 10 this is what users want during development of an Android app and testing it on device. The original screen timeout value is restored when ADB over WiFi is disabled again.
* Temporarily lock WiFi, prevent it from going into sleep mode (how effectively it works depends on device and Android version)
* Also acts as Tasker/Locale plugin. You can configure Tasker/Locale to automatically turn on/off WiFi ADB based on other conditions


* If your development computer is Unix/Linux or Mac open a console and run

while true ; do adb connect phone_ip_address ; sleep 15 ; done

This one-liner auto-reconnects to ADB daemon on the phone every time the link is broken for whatever reason.

* If you control the WiFi router, configure it to give the phone the same IP address every time. Then assign a local DNS hostname to that IP address so that you don't have to type an IP address which changes everytime in the console.

This app is charityware. It's free and does not display ads, but if you use it regularly please donate a small amount to a charity organization or contribute to a good cause in some other way. Thank you.

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I don't want the icon in the notification bar.Ivshould be able tovdisable the icon in the notification bar.
no much goodnot great app
AmazingThank you so much for this! I can now screen capture, check out debug, and send my apps' builds to my device wirelessly. <3 Anyone who rates this less than 5 stars is either crazy or doesn't know what they are doing. (Knyde & Nick: Menu Button -> Settings -> Keep Icon on Status Bar)

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