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Aug 17, 2012
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Current Caller ID Plus


Current Caller ID Plus Description

ID unknown calls & texts, enhance Caller ID with Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Get Call, Text and Social ID all in one app with Current Caller ID Plus by WhitePages!

"WhitePages’ new Current Caller ID app is the future of smartphone calling" - VentureBeat

Over 300 million home, business and mobile phone numbers identified from the #1 and most trusted people directory.

*Call & Text IDs are now free in all versions of Current. The 'Plus' version keeps a full year history of your Call & Text ID results. The longer history is an enhanced upgrade for those who previously purchased our premium caller ID app.

Current Caller ID brings in the latest social updates from your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn friends. Don’t miss an update from your mom because that guy you went to high school with keeps posting about his breakfast on Facebook.

Being up to date makes conversations easier and more fun, so we’ve also included local news and weather for your top contacts, even if they’re not keen on the social networks.

Caller ID is no longer just about a name. Current lets you:
- Stay up-to-date with social and local information for callers and texters
- Combine your calls and texts with social status, news & weather
- Get names for incoming and outgoing numbers, including Businesses and Cell Phones*
- See and share fun infographics about your call and text habits with friends and family
- Your top contacts are a tap away with the Frequent Caller Widget

*ID may be post-call on Verizon/Sprint
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Google Play Comments

Well I was VERY happy when I purchased the White Pages app, THEN it updated to this (Current Caller Id). Every time I try to reverse a number it says "Unidentified Caller" even with my husband's number.. I never had this problem with the original white pages..very disappointed in the updated version..
I want caller I paid for caller Id this is lame your gonna lose more then again for this update good idea but given up on the one's that support u for what were a caller I'd and one of a kind. Might as will take the caller I'd part out plus no one is gonna pay 1.99 per phone number 6.99 was fair good luck email me when u go back
Before the major overhaul and when this app was called "White Pages Caller ID" the whole point of the premium version was to be able to use reverse caller ID. Now, that feature is in the FREE app, rendering the app I PAID for USELESS! Milestone X2

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