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Jun 25, 2011
1.6 and up
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What's Kickin' Pro Description

Pregnant? Need a pregnancy kick and/or movement counter?

Keep track of your baby's kicks and movements with a 60 minute countdown timer.

To start logging your baby's moves/kicks, click the Counter button. The counter will continue to count down until either the time has run out or you hit the \"save & exit\" menu button. Long press on either movement button to bring up an add/remove dialog. Simply tap each icon to add a move/kick. While a session is active, you will not be able to edit it in the history. Long press a session item in history to bring up a delete dialog. Press an event item to bring up its delete dialog. If you have any questions please contact the developer from the email provided in the application's Android Market Page.

Select your week of pregnancy using the button on top of the counter page.

The countdown will continue to go unless it runs out of time or you stop it.

Tap the move button to count a movement of your baby, or tap the kick buton to count a kick.

Your movements are automatically logged and can be managed in the history page. Active sessions cannot be edited.

-to save your count session, hit the back button and appropriate action from dialog

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