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Aug 23, 2012
2.1 and up
Avg. score: 4.1
Rating: 5906

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WeFi Pro - Automatic WiFi


WeFi Pro - Automatic WiFi Description

WeFi Pro - Free Automatic Wi-Fi Connection Anywhere

WeFi Pro - automatic and seamless Wi-Fi connectivity whenever you are!

Now with Battery Optimizer - WeFi Pro will automatically turn your Wi-Fi radio on in places where a connection is likely, and turn it off where connection is not possible.

Working with WeFi is simple - just use your phone normally, and enjoy seamless Wi-Fi connectivity.

With WeFi Pro, you can easily connect to the best WiFi around you at all times and help support our Free WiFi Community.

By connecting, users discover free WiFi spots and share them with others.

You can tag new hotspots as belonging to businesses or other places around you, improving the community information.

Tags: Auto, Internet, Connectivity, Cellular, Data, Consumption, Manager

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Google Play Comments

FixI've been using this since my original Droid. I've recommended this numerous times. But due to the changes and no desire to change causing power drain, incessant request to tag, etc this is a one star application. I just wanted to take the time and do a follow up update. The rating still is a 1 star rating because you still refuse to fix the problems. For those people that have actually taken the time.... no real solid updates have happened in a very long time and no updates have been done to fix this
No good anymoreA few updates ago, it started not automatically connecting to my first first especially my "home" and "work" which defeats the purpose of labeling. Constantly tries to connect to 3g network when I'm clearly in range of home or work. Because of this constant switching my data is way over, and phone runs slower to compensate for switching all the time. I now find my original Android wifi better.
Does the opposite of description.Constantly disconnects from my home w-fi and connects to 4g instead. I have tried everything I could find to make it stop doing that to no success. In addition its turning off the w-fi in favor of 4g which means it uses more battery not less. This has become not only useless but a liability as well.

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