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Jun 19, 2012
2.1 and up
Avg. score: 3.9
Rating: 22

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Voyage to Farland


Voyage to Farland Description

Voyage to Farland is a tough as nails graphical roguelike game.

"Mystery Dungeon" style roguelike RPG! Quirky and fun but very challenging. Yes, it's hard. But you're not afraid of a hard video game, right?

Use magic items, morph into monsters, find friends to fight alongside you! Use keen strategy rather than grinding for levels and you'll clear the dungeon!

LAST SCREENSHOT ADDRESSES A RECENT REVIEW - you can decide if the controls are a deal breaker (or try the FREE version first). Also check this gameplay video:

What’s a roguelike RPG and how does it play? It’s a classic video game style and here are a couple of strategies...

Strategy A) - attack everything in sight head-on. Result: your character will die quickly and often.

Strategy B) - learn about the powers of the items you find. For example, find a cursed “Empty Vial”, throw it at a "Ghost" to capture its soul. Then later drink the vial, become a Ghost and float through walls to escape danger. Or grab a “Levelup Bead”, wave it at a friendly character - he’ll level up and help you fight, or drop it on the ground, let a "Catapult" monster pick it up & toss it at you - you’ll level up and be able to pound monsters into the ground. But ouch! The "Nosferatu" monsters are too powerful!?! (Nosferatu is a type of vampire, Google it), yet they’re undead and undead monsters are vulnerable to medicinal herbs, like that "Wormwood" you just picked up!

In short, roguelike games offer a rich experience for gamers seeking something beyond casual games.

Notes: save your game at any point, but Voyage to Farland uses hardcore Rogue rules (death=start over no items). Think of it as "tough love".

4 themed dungeons, 36 monster types with devious attacks, over 30 items and 3 NPCs you can recruit to help you fight!

Hints: try the training dungeon first, equip a shield as soon as possible, make good use of the herbs/beads/scroll's secret powers (tap INV, then select Explain from the item's sub menu - use the DPAD or swipe up/down in the center of the touchscreen to scroll in menus). Find an empty vial, use it to capture & morph into a monster to really throw down and you'll be hooked.

More hints on the website:

Tap MENU for docs. Check out our website for more hints (e.g. dealing with hunger, monster rooms, etc.), videos & an introduction to roguelike games (click "developer's webpage" link below)!

How far can you get in Voyage to Farland?

XPERIA PLAY optimized!

Despite the cute graphics, Voyage to Farland is one of the harder roguelike games in the Android market/Google Play. It's not a grindfest. Levels don't matter. Cleared dungeons are what matter in this game. You'll be tested from the very first floor. Many players dive in, attack everything, die quickly and get frustrated. This game demands a more clever approach. Until you find a shield you'll have to pick your battles wisely. Voyage has been on the market for over a year and yet no player has cleared every dungeon. You might be the first if you have patience, perseverance and a will to win! Some gamers want to kill time with Angry Birds or Battleheart. That's fine, but you're not like that. You want a challenge. You want to face the Spirit Witch and defeat her. You want to be the first adventurer to enter "The Path of No Return" and beat the dungeon once and for all. To unlock the secrets of Farland.

Promo art by Shroomarts.

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Google Play Comments

Great game, needs interface changesThis is a really cool game, similar to one of my favorite games ever, Shiren the Wanderer. But as other people have already said, the button layout and graphics need changing. Big time. The control pad should be on the bottom left, not the top left. The buttons on the bottom right are stretched out of the correct aspect ratio and look weird. Some of the graphics are really blurry. Basically, with a complete interface overhaul and cleaner graphics it would probably be my favorite game for Android.
Fun and AddictiveGreat little rogue-like and a perfect introduction to the genre for those who have not played this style of game before. Developer is extremely responsive and quickly fixed the multi-touch issue I had on ICS.
Great game for what it is.This game is excellent for its style. Other reviewers need to realize this is an old school roguelike style game, not Diablo 3. It's supposed to look old. The controls work fine on my phone and the game is fun.

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