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Nov 04, 2011
1.5 and up
Avg. score: 3.9
Rating: 2807

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Vikings vs Zombies FREE


Vikings vs Zombies FREE Description

Eat my brain, but don't touch my beer!

Play the free Tower Defense Vikings vs Zombies and enjoy a fun experience to be a Viking and kill zombies that want to steal your beer. This defense has several maps Towers, Vikings, an option to speed up the game and everything else that one needs to have fun with Tower defense, in addition to beer and the chance to kill hundreds of zombies.

In the free version you may have access to one map, three Vikings and a 2x speed boost. If you want to stick to the free version, you do not need to spend money to have even more fun, you may earn coins and exchange them for new items, maps, games modes and more beer.

You may also download the full version without ads and all the items already in hand: 5 maps, 4 Vikings, up to 8x game speed up and more beer.

The online score of the game is integrated with Twitter and its page shows how many zombies have been killed so far,
as well as the most bloodthirsty Vikings of all time and the most violent ones
on each map.

Online Score:

Enjoy this funny game that follows the theme of Plants Vs Zombies and Robo Defense strategy. Here you are not an Angry Bird that kill pigs, you are an Angry Viking that kills zombies.

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Google Play Comments

FUN...This game is brilliant and fun.... The only thing is that it keeps force closing. So, 4 star for me. And I can't wait till an update is ready.
Interesting but...disappointingI reli like this game. But when it comes to higher lv.,the game started to run on and off. And it ended up with force close. Plz fix this bug coz i reli enjoy the game! I reli want to give 5 stars !
BrokeShrinks to almost unplayable size on hd phone, which also makes adds HUGE and take up too much of the game area. Crashes too often to finish first level. Plz overhaul so i can play! Seems fun. HTC EVO 3d

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