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Apr 14, 2013
2.2 and up
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Viber Free calls for tablet 7


Viber Free calls for tablet 7 Description

VIBER Free calls Assistance for tablets 7" allows you to get assistance worldwide from your 3G tablet and also to get direct download for interesting apps available in the market stores. The new update includes 3 free videos about Paris overview, the famous Luxembourg garden and Notre-Dame cathedral.This app is optimised for Tablets 7". For smartphones, please search and look for the other app called "Viber Free calls Assist Apps".The assistance function can help you to call the emergency numbers of Europe countries, USA, Canada, Russia, India, Brazil... when you are really in a bad situation. It will save your life anytime.Also, with the Viber app that you'll get for free from this app you can call, send messages with photos worldwide for free to all users who installed the same app. It can even send invitations to your contacts so that they download the app for free and save them their money.
You'll make and receive Free calls with HD sound quality, stays always online to receive calls and messages. It's really free.You can download other top apps in different categories like Paris Inside to discover Paris from your hand and to get discounts when you travel... We included some videos about Paris showing an example of a discovery trip inside the city from home.You may download PARIS INSIDE app to discover more famous quarters of Paris as if you are in while watching the 12 videos... at a little price instead of 15 € which is the anormal price of the package of Paris eGuides vol.1 and vol.2.Download the app now and get access to the top apps regularly from your mobile.

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