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Oct 13, 2012
1.6 and up
Avg. score: 4.2
Rating: 43

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VerbTeX Pro LaTeX (Encryption)


VerbTeX Pro LaTeX (Encryption) Description

The secure, collaborative LaTeX Editor for you Android device

Pro version:
* Encrypted transmission (TLS)
* Unlimited number of documents (Local Mode)
* Support development of free apps
* Use projects of free VerbTeX version

VerbTeX Pro is a collaborative LaTeX Editor for your Android device. It allows you to create and manage LaTeX projects directly on your Android device and generate a PDF by using the LaTeX service available at

* 2 Modes: Local (stores .tex documents on your device) and Remote (synchronizes your projects with
* Generate and view the PDF from your LaTeX projects
* Syntax highlighting
* Line numbers
* Web-Interface (Remote Mode, at
* Collaboration (Remote Mode)
* Project import (Local Mode: Copy your existing .tex and other files to your local project folder in VerbTeX/Local/[projectname])
* File Upload incl. files in subfolders (Local Mode)
* Autosave (Local Mode: Menu -> Options -> Autosave Interval)
* Custom template for new .tex files (Local Mode)
* Specify root directory (Menu -> Options -> Location of VerbTeX Folder)
* 'Find' text in editor
* Copy project from 'Local Mode' to 'Remote Mode'
* Copy project from 'Remote Mode' to 'Local Mode'

Add existing .tex/.png/.jpg/.pdf/.sty/.bst/.cls/.clo/.def files in Local Mode: Put them in the VerbTeX folder on your SD card (/sdcard/VerbTeX/[project]/). Please note: At least one .tex file must exist. The name of the project is the /[project]/ folder name.

Add existing .tex/.png/.jpg/.pdf/.sty/.bst/.cls/.clo/.def files in Remote Mode: Login at with your browser and upload your files

Change the default template for new .tex files: Add a file called 'template.tex' in your local root project folder (/sdcard/VerbTeX/Local/template.tex). The next time you add a new document to a project the new .tex file will be filled with the text of your template.tex file.

Dropbox support: Since Dropbox currently doesn't allow to change the sync-folder please use another App (like 'DropSync') that allows that or use another sync App like 'SugarSync'.

Please note that in Remote Mode the max. number of projects and documents is limited to 4. You may purchase the removal of this restriction at

This app is also available on the iOS App Store: iVerbTeX Pro

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Google Play Comments

Review for Asus InfinityThis app is great for editing and compiling latex documents on the go. Works amazing with the keyboard dock on the Asus Infinity. Interface could be slightly better, but unlimited documents and ease of transfer (file manager) gives this app 5 stars. Great job!
FantasticI use this app every single day. I take notes with this app, do my assignments, etc. There are a few things that can use work though. With longer documents, the app slows down greatly, making it unuseable. The lack of scrolling is an issue, and also an undo button would be fantastic, as sometimes i have accidentally deleted some of my document and was unable to retrieve it. Finally, auto save after every generation would be the last thing i'd like added!
Saving the document bugsThe worst thing can ever happen with a LaTex editor! And it happens with both free and professional (paid) versions. With a Local mode of saving files, the program saves the bibliography as both .tex and .bib files. So I had two bibliographies and no real document at all. It was lost!!! Unbelievably, it happened more than 2 times and caused mane delays in my work. Hate it!

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