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Nov 03, 2012
2.2 and up
Avg. score: 3.2
Rating: 78

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unScrambler! for Scrabble


unScrambler! for Scrabble Description

Tired of losing at word games? Try unScrambler!... before your friends do!

unScrambler is a tool to help you solve word games like Scrabble and Words with Friends! Just enter your letters and unScrambler will figure out what words you can make.

* Blank Tile Search! Add up to two blank tiles to your search by entering a space. The letter used on the blank tile is shown in blue.

* Organize your results by length or by Scrabble score

* Ad-supported, but you can turn the ads off FOR FREE - Encourage other developers to do the same by rating this app 5 stars! This app will never show full-screen ads or nag you to pay for anything

* Enter up to TEN letters plus FIVE board letters. There are no features that are only available in the paid version (actually there is no paid version at all)

* Uses the TWL06 wordlist (North American 'official' Scrabble). Other lexicons coming soon

* Simple interface. Just start typing out your letters! Your mom could use this app.

* Lightning fast - search as you type

* No data? No problem! unScrambler! already has all of the words embedded in the application so that you don't need an internet connection to use it. Install unScrambler! and take it with you to the lake/cabin/other far away place and beat the pants off your friends at Scrabble!

* Got a triple word score that you really want to get? Ever have to find a word that fits a certain pattern? Just enter the letters from the board that you want to make a word with in the 'Board Tile' area (press the little arrow icon to open it) and touch the spaces to enter letters that must be in the solutions.

unScrambler! is designed for Scrabble(r) but works great with other word games like Words with Friends, Words with Friends Free, Scramble with Friends, Word Feud. Word games, scrabble helper, word search, crossword, finder, solver, unscramble words, cheat, cheater, scrabble cheat

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HaPretty cool.? I think so..
Amazing AppNow I never lose at scrabble.
Doesn't work at allCan't figure it out, and doesn't appear to function for crap. Disappointed.

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