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Apr 02, 2012
1.6 and up
Avg. score: 4.2
Rating: 57514

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UNO™ FREE Description

Get ready to call "UNO" on your Android phone!

Play the #1 classic card game for fun with friends and family on your Android phone! The world-famous card game is faithfully reproduced for mobile and also features exciting new rules. Relive all the crazy fun of UNO™: match colors or numbers with all your favorite cards or challenge yourself with increasingly difficult games in Tournament Mode. Compete against friends in thrilling games: with a multiplayer mode that can be accessed 24/7 via Wi-Fi connection, playing UNO™ has never been so fun and easy, so be the first to get rid of all your cards!

- The UNO™ video game reproduces the classic game’s identity. All your favorites cards are here: Skip, Reverse, and more!
- Intuitive controls: simply drag & drop cards using your finger on the screen and be the first to get rid of all your cards.
- Customize your game with varied rules including 7-0 and Jump-In.
- Enjoy a unique multiplayer mode!* Play online 24/7 (Wi-Fi) or locally with your friends (Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection).
- Take on increasingly difficult challenges in Tournament Mode.

* Online multiplayer mode is not available for lower-end phones.

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Google Play Comments

Ree Ree
Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1Will not play at all.... I love this game so if you can possibly fix this, I don't have a problem with rerating at all.... as soon as the game comes on it forecloses!!!!!
Wild cards and Draw 4 challenges :(We love to play the game but hate the fact that the draw 4 challenges are almost always wrong. I have been out of a color and then challenged and lost, meaning I had to draw 4 cards when I didn't have the color. Wild cards- you shouldn't be able to use a wild card if you have the color. Too many times in the game, there is a color and the next player puts down a wild card (including draw 4) and chooses that color. If you challenge it you fail, and have to draw 6 cards. Should be fixed.
Horriable update!Well, I guess thats it for this app. When I first installed it, it worked just fine. Then they updated it, and the errors began and it worked so so. NOW.... can't even open it! It needs to be forced closed or reported... WON'T even OPEN the app. anymore! It's a shame!

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