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May 10, 2013
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Ultimate Workout PRO Edition


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Ultimate Workout App PRO EDITION - 5 Intense Body Changing Fat Loss Workouts.Time saving fitness training to suit your schedule.
Tested and proven Metabolic Intensity Training Protocols to burn fat and build lean healthy muscle. Your new body awaits. The NEW Phenomenon in Fat Loss Body Transforming Workouts. Metabolic Intensity Training™Ultimate Workout App PRO EDITION The NEW Phenomenon in Fat Loss Body Transforming Workouts. Metabolic Intensity Training™ "I have seen incredible results with these workouts and now they're in an app on my phone. awesome!" The Ultimate Workout App is the first in a NEW series of workout and fitness apps designed to give you intense, proven and time saving workouts in the palm of your hand. Ever wanted to get the fat loss results you need on the go, in a hotel room, the garage or anywhere you train at home - or even in your local gym? Now you can with the newest series from The Ultimate Workout App offers new and exciting workouts designed around a new fitness protocol tested to provide superior lean muscle gains as well as fat burning results that will change the way you train forever. Check out Ultimate Workout App and really begin to lose stubborn fat as well as sculpt the body you want in less time than any other workout and with everything you need on your mobile device in the palm of your hand! PRO FEATURES:
✓ 5 Exclusive MIT Workouts
✓ Clean and easy to use UI [user interface]
✓ Unique & tested workouts
✓ Timed or Off The Clock Workouts
✓ Developed and created by a Certified Personal Trainer CPT
✓ Picture & text instructions of proven exercises
✓ Proven Metabolic Intensity Circuit Workouts [MIC]
✓ Choose your exercise start points
✓ NEW built in music player function - listen to music as you train! This really is the most effective way to train for lean muscle, fat loss and the body you deserve. *Now get even more news, free apps and much more at

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