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May 01, 2012
2.0 and up
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Ultimate Mobile Armor 1.7


Ultimate Mobile Armor 1.7 Description

Protect your privacy with Ultimate Mobile Armor™ by Safe and Secure Mobile Inc.You are Safe and Secure with the Ultimate Mobile Armor™ app, which goes to work as soon as you install it!What is Ultimate Mobile Armor?Ultimate Mobile Armor (UMA) is a software app that runs undetected in the background and protects your Android phone against hackers. UMA prevents all attempts to activate your phone’s microphone and camera without your knowledge, to prevent unwanted surveillance. It prevents rogue programs from listening while you are talking or typing, and then relaying such information to a third party.How do I use Ultimate Mobile Armor?UMA goes to work as soon as you install it and remains in place 24/7. Your phone is completely protected from all attempts to remotely infect and gain control of it.How do I know it is working?Like many service applications, UMA remains invisible to the user, unless someone tries to hack your phone.Why do I need protection on my Android phone?
Smartphones hold more private information about us than ever before. Hackers, identity thieves, credit-card thieves, paparazzi and others now consider your unprotected phone as an easy mark. That is why it’s important to protect it with UMA.So how does UMA work?
Using proprietary techniques, UMA stops people from installing programs that are designed to hack into your phone and let them see your private information, copy it, change it or even delete it. It also prevents hackers from remotely turning on the microphone or camera.What specific level of protection does UMA provide?UMA sets up a protective electronic armor around all key data areas. The custom-developed app protects against illicit opening of the built-in camera, microphone and more. UMA also denies access to SMS and email archives, and prevents capture of keyboard input to defeat key-logging software.How do I know that my Android phone is secure from attack?By simply clicking on the UMA app’s icon you can confirm that the application is working and view a log of any attempted attacks.Will UMA give me the same level of protection as President Obama’s smartphone?UMA is based upon exactly the same solution that enabled the creation of President Obama’s Blackberry® and shares the same security DNA.
Planned Future Updates:
* Status bar icon
* AppWidget Interface

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