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May 22, 2013
Varies with device
Varies with device
Varies with device
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Ultimate Blacklist PRO


Ultimate Blacklist PRO Description

--- Version with-out ads ----Tired of spam SMS, MMS and annoying unwanted calls? Protect your privacy and block undesired calls, SMS or MMS with Ultimate Blacklist which represent flexible call blocker, SMS, MMS filter! It will save you from unwanted calls, unwanted text messages and marketing numbers.
Ultimate Blacklist allows you to create and manage black list of unwanted contacts and block their calls and sms. You can add numbers to the black list in various ways:
- directly enter number,
- choose number from your contacts,
- recent calls or SMS.
What is more, our Blocker supports non-numerical numbers which are often used in spam SMS or MMS!
When SMS, MMS or call is blocked you can either get a notification or make Blacklist to work in silent mode. Choose which way is most convenient for you!
If you want to apply your blacklist only to calls or only to SMS you can do it as well! Or maybe you just don't want to recieve any calls or messages from hidden numbers? This is also possible within 2 clicks in application settings!
Along with this extended functionality and flexibility Ultimate Blacklist is amazingly lightweight and does not use additional battery resources.Features:
- Calls, SMS and MMS blacklist
- Blocking all incoming calls
- Blocking all SMS
- Blocking all MMS
- Restore blocked callse, SMS, MMS feature
- History of blacklisted calls, SMS, MMS
- Blocking "private" numbers
- Blocking calls, SMS, MMS notifications
- Block all calls, SMS, MMS except Contacts
- Pick up before block
- Silence time
- Protect application with PIN or password
- Whitelist support
- Backup user settings including blacklist, whitelist, history, user settings
- Export history to email
- Separate blockmodes for calls, sms, mms:
*Only blacklist, except whitelist
*Only blacklist, except contactbook
*Only blacklist, except whitelist and contactbook
*Only blacklist
*All calls, except whitelist
*All calls, except contactbook
*All calls, except whitelist and contactbook
*All callsFlexible call filter, sms filter, mms filter with many blockmodesPost your issues:

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