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Aug 14, 2012
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U Taxi Dispatch


U Taxi Dispatch Description

U-taxi dispatch is a user friendly application that provides a very convenient way for travelling without bothering to wait, hail or may be to call. Its an application for the taxi riders as well as for  taxi drivers who just need  to create their profile for the further login and search for riders. In a very ease way driver can select the rider from the location nearby and get the details such as rider’s current location, his destination, his phone number and his note for better communication. Driver might just enter the description of the rider or whether the rider has come in a group or not etc.


All that a rider needs to do is book the cab, enter the source and destination locations in it. After that the details of the driver is provided such as  driver’s name, taxi no., phone number, taxi type and finally the pick up duration that is after how long will the driver come to pick the rider. It works in a very simple way it has various features like :


·Its a FREE app !

·An easy and user friendly application.

·Accessibly find taxis near on your location.

·Track not just the time but also taxi type and taxi number of the driver.

·Details of names as well as location is shared for better communication.

·Add comments regarding taking in a group or the appearance of the rider etc.

·In case of any delay or any mishap we provide driver with the rider’s contact number as well as rider with the driver’s contact number.

·An simple and easy pin point method for the drivers to choose their riders.


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