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Sep 07, 2012
2.1 and up
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Twitter Followers Counter


Twitter Followers Counter Description

Track of your Twitter statistics in real time!
So, you want to make it big on Twitter? Well, of course you can! But how are you going to keep track of all your Followers? This is where TwiStats come in.

TwiStats is a lightweight app & widget for your Android to help you keep track of your Twitter statistics.

It shows your personal Twitter account statistics such as:
- Your amount of total Twitter followers.
- Your total amount of Tweets.
- How many Tweets have you Tweeted today.
- How many followers you had gotten in different time periods (Daily, Weekly, Monthly)

Some people track their personal Twitter statistics for business reasons; some track it for personal reasons. Whatever your reasons are, TwiStats can help you with it!

TwiStats is so easy to use, as all you need to do is enter your Twitter username & password and you are ready to check your personal Twitter statistics. Whenever you want to check your latest stats, just press the update button.

App Features:
- Real Time Updating
- Live Statistics
- 24/7 Support
- 100% Free

Download TwiStats now and start tracking your personal Twitter Statistics!

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"TwiStats" is a third party android application for Twitter. The Twitter name is licensed from Twitter, Inc.

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Google Play Comments

This app does not work!I have used this app for months and it worked great. Not anymore! It appears the developer has not updated this app to work with the new Twitter update. Gives me the message that my Twitter user name DOES NOT EXIST. It does exist & I have no problems anywhere else. Do not install. There are many other free apps that do the same thing & they WORK! WHAT A CONCEPT!
Doesn't workApp says "No Internet connection" after I type my info in oauth, then press "get started", I clearly do have Internet.. Please fix!!
Doesn't load anymoreFor the first few weeks it worked great now it always says communication error. Fix this and I will put back to 5 stars

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