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May 17, 2013
2.3 and up
Avg. score: 3.4
Rating: 515

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Trainz Simulator


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Join the world's #1 train simulator franchise! Build it, drive it or operate your very own 3D railroad.With Trainz custom built input system to get the most out of the touch functionality you’ll find driving Trains, laying tracks, creating layouts and completing scheduled tasks a breeze. Trainz Simulator THD is packed full of content, routes and sessions to give you the best Train experience on any mobile platform. Trainz Simulator THD is a world first for Android!Trainz Simulator includes everything you need to build and operate your own dream railroad. You can build a fun layout in minutes, faithfully recreate a railroad from days gone by or develop a fully fledged prototypical route; the choice is yours.• Touch input makes driving Trains, laying tracks, creating layouts and completing scheduled tasks easy.
• More Accessible! Take Trainz with you anytime, anywhere.
• Drive Loads of Trains.
• Operate a complete working rail line.
• Build and customize your own living railroad using our advanced route creation tool called “Surveyor”.
• Trainz Simulator THD offers advance visual effects such as lighting, weather effects, fog, higher detail Trains, beautiful water, increase performance and 2 new routes with all new sessions.Previous Upgrades
- List scrolling functionality
- Accuracy for touch interface in Surveyor.
- Free Roaming View camera panning
- Save Session display the time of save.
- Scroll around Map View while in driver mode.
- Display hint windows in various parts of the game.
- Camera control toggled on/off.
- Thumbstick 'navigation' controls. FIXED
- Camera Options for Tutorial 2.
- Sander icon displays correctly.
- Merging routes.
- Rail Yard sleep state.
- Sound burst before a session resumed or reloaded.
*********************************Note: Unfortunately there are just so many Android devices in the market and suppliers update their specs all the time. We have to make the best judgment as to which devices will work with our product outside of our quality assurance. If you are experiencing issues on your device we would love to hear from you. Please contact support so we can attempt to resolve it.

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Google Play Comments

On the edge of glory.I suspect this could be one of the best games I have ever played, but the controls are too small. Even with a stylus I can't manipulate the tiny buttons and sliders. The demo video shows a nice big control panel, but apparently only the iPad version gets that. On my 10 in tablet the control panel shown in the screenshots is barely 1.5 inches by 1 inch in size, and contains 5 sliders and 4 buttons in that small space. Until the controls are made larger this game is unplayable. I AM VERY DISAPPOINTED!
Good game turned bad!!!Before last update it was a wonderful game with good graphics, but now it will load but when you click on an activity it force closes. Please fix as i paid for this game!!!!!!
Not perfectWell its a great game,it runs smoothly,great graphics but needs mor routes and locos not as good as the computer version

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